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Colocations solidairesTomorrow, “disco soup” in Saige

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Eight students live in a shared apartment in the neighborhood to carry out solidarity projects in order to create a link between two worlds that do not mix or mix very well.

The school year is not yet over and everyone is already looking forward to the next year. Since September, eight students from the campus have been living together in Saige in what is known as the Kaps (Koloc’A Projets solidaires) shared apartment.

For the past three years, three “huge and comfortable” apartments, according to the students, have been made available by the social landlord Domofrance. In exchange for rent ranging from 328 to 394 euros, the young people commit to carrying out solidarity projects in the neighborhood where they live. This concept is proposed by the Association de la fondation étudiante pour la ville (Afev).

The association was born about twenty years ago from the desire to fight against inequalities in working-class neighborhoods, and to create a link between two young people who did not meet each other or hardly at all: young people from the neighborhoods and students. Another objective was to challenge the prejudices of a possible disengagement of the youth.

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Concretely, the eight students, five girls and three boys, aged between 18 and 27, have proposed several projects. The first to see the light of day will be the “disco soup”, tomorrow (read below), of Salomé and Alicia who wished to make the inhabitants aware of the food waste and to gather them during a festive day.

Léa, Christa-Bella and Corine will meet about forty inhabitants of the district in order to photograph them and collect their testimonies. An exhibition at Alain-Coudert is then envisaged in order to “give another image of the district”. To help them understand the world of photography, they called upon Thomas Lhomme, a young amateur photographer.

For their part, Fleury and Stéphane wish to work on the link and social mix in the neighborhood through sports by organizing basketball and skating games using the best pairs of skates from Thomas has taken up Stéphane’s idea from last year to show middle school students around the campus in order to demystify the university world and “show them that its doors are open to them”.

Another counterpart for the Kapseurs is to take care of a young person from the neighborhood followed by the social center for two hours a week. On the menu, school support, games, personalized accompaniment.

“The young people are between 6 and 12 years old. The students are neither their parents nor their teachers, so the contact is better. The help is global and goes beyond the school framework,” explains Maud Quereyron, local development officer at AFEV Bordeaux.

Throughout the year, the students are accompanied in their project by Amandine and Florent, two young people on civic service.


Recruitment for the next school year will begin in June. Thirteen places are available.

To apply, all you have to do is go to the website and fill out the online form. After that, candidates are interviewed at AFEV. You must be a student, a trainee, a civic service volunteer or a European service volunteer and be between 18 and 30 years old to apply. Motivation and desire are essential criteria for this experience.

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