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Sapphire Rings: Buying Guide

Natural Sapphire Rings

There is a variety of natural sapphire ring options for engagements and weddings. The color of Natural Sapphire Rings is important. Look for a rich and vivid blue that is free of any trace or green. Sapphires are often heat-treated to improve color and clarity.


Sapphire comes in many colors, each with a unique meaning. Blue sapphires for example are associated to wisdom, faithfulness and loyalty. They are also known to foster spiritual growth, intuition, and connection with higher realms. Throughout history, blue sapphires have been worn by royalty and nobility to symbolize power and prestige.

Natural Sapphire Rings

The amount and type inclusions in a sapphire determine the color. Inclusions are small crystal imperfections like tiny scratches or cracks that form the stone’s surface. The more inclusions, the less desirable the color will be. To increase the price and clarity of a sapphire it may be treated using a chemical to fill in these microscopic fractures. When selecting a sapphire, ask if the gemstone has undergone any treatment. A reputable jeweler can provide this information upon request or a gem report.

While the most popular color for a natural sapphire is blue, other hues have become increasingly common. Pink sapphires, reminiscent of sunsets and lotus flowers, are a popular choice for engagement rings. Blue and purple sapphires are rich in color, making them ideal for statement pieces.

Natural sapphires are a cheaper alternative to rubies for a wedding ring. A true corundum (ruby), on the other hand, is more costly than a sapphire.

Sapphires are often used in healing rituals and energizing crystals. They are powerful tools for balancing yin-yang and helping people overcome anxiety, depression, and stress. They are especially effective at stimulating the throat chakra, improving communication and promoting self-expression. It is believed that they strengthen the marriage between husband and spouse and promote love.


There is no similar system for colored gemstones. This can make the process of choosing a sapphire much more confusing. There are some guidelines that can help you choose the best sapphire.

Focus on the color first. Sapphires come in an array of colors and each one has its own charm. Pink sapphires have a romantic and soft aura, while green sapphires represent growth and renewal. From the serene beauty of blue sapphires to the vibrant energy of yellow sapphires, you can find the perfect shade to express your unique personality.

Clarity is the next factor to be considered. Inclusions can reduce the clarity of sapphires, which are normally clear. Inclusions can be small mineral deposits or natural features which can affect the transparency. The best sapphires have very few inclusions that are visible to the naked eyes. The value of a sapphire will be reduced by inclusions that are more visible. Look for a “loupe” grade and high transparency when selecting a sapphire to ensure the gem is beautiful and durable.

Treatment is also an important consideration when purchasing a gemstone. Some sapphires have been heat-treated to enhance color and clarity. Surface Diffusion and Beryllium are other treatments that can reduce the price. These treatments can affect the durability and luster, but they also reduce the price.

Diamondere only uses AAA-graded sapphires. These are the top 5% natural sapphires. These sapphires have the best clarity and color. We only use sapphires that are responsibly sourced, so our customers get the best quality without compromising ethical standards. Responsible sourcing is especially important when it comes gemstones such as sapphires that are mined around the world.


Blue sapphires can be found naturally in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. You can tell if a blue sapphire you are looking at is real or not by the way it reflects sunlight. A genuine sapphire will only reflect light that is the same color as the sapphire itself. A fake sapphire reflects other colors.

This exquisite natural blue sapphire unheated ring will add a touch to your jewelry collection. The oval blue sapphire is enhanced by round diamonds that adorn this elegant band. This regal women’s diamond ring is expertly crafted from 14K white gold.


Sapphires come in an array of colors. From the soft elegance and beauty of pink sapphires up to the captivating greens, oranges, and yellows of yellow sapphires. These beautiful gemstones are prized both for their beauty and their meaning. Many believe that a sapphire ring represents strength of character.

There are a few key factors you should consider when shopping for an engagement ring with a natural sapphire. This will help you choose the perfect stone for your partner. Natural sapphires are cut and polished from rough crystals in the ground. This means they may have minor imperfections called inclusions. These imperfections are not a deal-breaker, however, as sapphires have an excellent hardness and durability that will stand up to daily wear.

In addition, sapphires are known for their unique color and clarity. This makes them a popular choice among jewelry buyers. Unlike diamonds, which have to be mined from the earth and have a very high cost associated with them, sapphires can be found in a wide variety of colors and shapes from around the world. This allows customers to create jewelry that is truly unique.

A quality natural sapphire is very durable, making it a great choice for a engagement ring. Selecting a setting to protect the sapphire is essential. This is best achieved with a ring made of a precious metal such as platinum or gold. These rings are more resistant than sterling silver to scratches and other types damage.

The color of sapphires can also play a role in selecting the setting for your ring. The most common sapphire color is blue, but other colors are also available. Unheated sapphires are more valuable than those that have been heated to improve their clarity and appearance.

It is important that you choose a sapphire which is not only beautiful, but also ethically sourced. It is important to work with a jeweler who can provide you with an independent certificate of authenticity that details the origin and treatment of the sapphire in question. You should also only shop at a retailer that works directly with the miners in order to ensure that sapphires will be sold in their purest and untreated form.

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